A consortium of private investigators, comprised of retired FBI Special Agents, and retired state and local law enforcement detectives who all spent the majority of their careers in West Michigan investigating and successfully prosecuting a variety of Federal, state, tribal, and local violations of law. The Bureau Group can address a wide range of investigations for corporations, companies, and individuals in a professional, discrete, and timely manner. This alliance of investigators, to include Society of Former FBI Special Agents, to facilitate investigations throughout the Unites States around the globe.

Private Investigations

  • Background Investigations
  • Workman’s Compensation & Insurance Claims
  • Polygraph Examinations
  • Fraud
  • Income & Asset verification
  • Identity Theft & Computer Intrusions
  • Due Diligence

Security Services and Training

  • Site Protection
  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Threat Assessment
  • Fingerprint Examinations


The Bureau Group can investigate bank fraud, mortgage fraud, employee embezzlement, internet fraud, arson, product tampering, workmen's compensation fraud, false insurance claims, and alimony on child support delinquencies and fraud.

Fraudulent Workmen's Compensation and Insurance Claims

The Bureau Group can help determine the extent of someone's injuries through discreet surveillance and lifestyle investigations for consideration in workmen's compensation matters and insurance pay outs. Can also determine cause and origin in insurance claims, and verify claims losses.

Background Investigations

The Bureau Group can verify education, work experience, conduct credit checks, and interview references, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to establish integrity and worthiness for employment.

Due Diligence

The Bureau Group can determine collateral, assets, and accounts payable and receivable listed in applications for loans and extensions of credit.

Income and Asset Verification

The Bureau Group is capable of locating monies, realty, personal property, bank accounts and stock portfolios, either domestically or offshore.

Identity Theft and Computer Intrusions

The Bureau Group can determine whether a computer has been intruded into, or "hacked", possibly exposing personal or business identity, assets, employees, family identities and records, and other personal or business information.

Supporting Investigations

The Bureau Group can support investigations for companies or individuals with surveillance, polygraph examinations, cellular phone analysis, fingerprint examinations, and physical plant or residential security analysis.

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